We know that changing careers or moving to a new company is not an easy task, here are some facts about Country Financial which can help you make this decision:

• We are financially secure and highly rated in the industry.
• We maintain a mission and vision that align with your personal and professional values.
• We help you achieve your career goals in a supportive and inclusive environment.
• We challenge you to be the best you can be, and encourage you to grow professionally.
• We reward and recognize you for your hard work, while allowing you to make a difference in the lives of others.

The compensation package we offer is unlike any other opportunity in the industry for three reasons:

• We provide a competitive base salary of $28k-$42k per year based on production
• On top of the base salary we provide commissions on every line of business sold.
• We do not require a large investment up front; you just pay for the cost of the licenses.

We offer real incentives and rewards that outdo our competition. Here are just a few perks of being a financial representative at COUNTRY Financial:

• World-Class Travel and Events.
• Training and Licensing Bonus
• Designation Bonus
• Generous Benefit Options

We can't all be experts on everything. As you manage your client relationships, you will be backed by a team of experts available to help you create a tangible financial security plan for each individual client.

Additionally, our experienced marketing staff researches and develops creative ways to help you market to new clients and continue to fulfill the needs of existing clients. At a reduced cost, we offer various campaigns to help you build and establish your book of business.

The COUNTRY Agency Learning (CAL) program is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art training and development program for all new financial representatives at COUNTRY.

CAL takes you through the first two years of your career providing you:
• The resources to build your knowledge, skills and confidence
• Consistency in training through schools, coaching and field training.
• Support as you progress through each stage of your career.

For the first three to five years, you receive a base salary of $28K - $42K based on performance plus first year commissions and build your book of business from the ground up by developing strong relationships with your clients and becoming the one person they know and trust in achieving their financial goals.

After the first three to five years, you could have the opportunity to open your own office, with the flexibility and control to make your own marketing plan, hire staff and set your own schedule. At this point, the renewal income you've worked hard to build will be large enough to replace your salary and support the operations of your business.
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The COUNTRY Financial ® Representative career gives you the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others. Help the people in your community achieve financial security - while building your own level of financial freedom along the way.
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